Mother's D Ticket not exchangeable (solved)

Have gone to the swap shop to exchange for a SG recycle badge, but it doesn't show on the exchange list, have tried other exchange options but the ticket doesn't seem to pop up for any ticket exchanges? T_T

EDIT: it's not bugged, tickets are exchangable for an EX triboost but not a recycle badge or anything else (which seems a bit counter-intuitive but at least it's not bugged?)

The reason for this is, the ticket slip is not actually an SG item in itself. Yes it could have been used to exchange for an SG item from that scratch while it was up, but the ticket itself isn't an SG item. Which means the only thing it could be exchanged for in the sg swapshop is EX Triboost +150%(2). They should tbh add an option to swap for SG recycle badges for those too for people that have them after the scratch ended, but that's just not an option. It's not an error or anything though, there's just no option for it.

oh i see, that's pretty disappointing, weird that it isn't an option, thanks for the explanation though XD