Is It Possible to Skip Launcher on the NA Steam Version of PSO 2?

So my question is simple. Does anyone know of a way to skip the launcher on the Steam version of PSO2? I've been all over Google, and short of finding a little information about PSO2 Tweaker, I haven't had much luck.

I was hoping that there was just a legitimate way to add a command line argument in the box Steam provides. It is useful at times, but not necessary every time you launch the game.

I've had to do this with several other games and most have the option. I use Gamestream from my PC to my Nvidia Shield TV across the house. It's annoying to have to walk back to my office for a couple of mouse clicks because the launchers do not work with a gamepad.

If it is like the MS Store version, go to the game's local files, rename pso2launcher.exe to something else like pso2launcher.exe_backup. Then, rename pso2.exe as pso2launcher.exe. If it doesn't work this way, there is no way to bypass the launcher on the Steam version