Well, I was going to post this in my old selfie thread, but ehhhh, this is special.

Been a fat minute since I've posted here.

While I was bouncing around from place to place while homeless for the first 6 months of last year, I ended up internet dating a girl who rescued me from the streets. On my 32nd birthday I said goodbye to the uncertainty of the streets and began my recovery. for the first 7 or so months I had a lot of struggles, especially in the first three while just starting to learn to trust again. Nearly lost my home twice but my girlfriend refused to give up on me. I'll never be able to thank her enough. In august we got engaged. It was surreal, in the moment, but it's really starting to hit now because I had a job and we ordered rings a while ago. She gave me mine the day it showed up. Hers will be here on the 13th.

Wedding date TBD but after Covid passes for sure. We have medical stuff to handle and I need another job. Might aget certified to bartend since life is going well and I'm venturing into new things.

So while, it's been a rough life, I wouldn't change anything. Everything I've experienced lead to this moment, and because of that, it was all worth it.

PS: My engagement ring: Please excuse the Disney Princesses blanket, it's totally our Main Coon, Luna's favorite play thing and not something I sleep under when I'm cold.


Needs to be a tiny bit smaller, but it's close. It's my favorite stone, garnet, because diamonds are cliché. Hers is amethyst because that's her favorite stone. I'll get pics when it arrives.