Skill rotations for lvl 75 without crafting?

Most of the rotations from guides like this one or videos like this one refer to lvl 90+ and mostly recommand crafted skills for all the main rotations.

Given that isn't an option for us NA plebs, what are the best rotations for mobs & boss DPS? Is Nocturnal Blossom-Lunar Flourishing (aka Tsukimi-gekka on JP) the best for us right now? Sounds like it used to be before the crafted stuff.

Morning mistreaver (aka Asagiri-rendan) is of course still top dog for movement.

First, I would like to say I do not know the NA katana PA names as they are 1000 foot ball fields too different compared to the other PA names.

Mobbing = Kanran
"best paper DPS" = Hatou
"best practical DPS" = Tsukimi Gekka
Other DPS options = Guren -> Asagiri -> Shunka -> Sakura

Awesome, thanks.

Translation to NA (using

Mobbing = Thriving Bellflower

"best paper DPS" = Eviscerating Bloom

"best practical DPS" = Nocturnal Blossom -> Lunar Flourishing

Other DPS options = Flash of the Lotus-> Morning Mistreaver->Spring Flowerstorm -> Cherry Blossom Finale