Where are our Mark Capsules and 13* unit exchange?

I have one friend who has already totally quit the game, and will not play NGS, because we didn't get SG support scratch this boost week. The reason being is that he saw withholding SG Scratch as a cash grab: it seemed intended to force people into buying AC Support scratch if they wanted to finish this week. If we don't get at least Mark Capsules soon (it doesn’t have to be via support scratch, it could be in some exchange shop or other), I have other friends who are talking about quitting if not. It does feel ridiculous to be at end game, and be running around with unfinished god units due to a lack of Mark Capsules. I am similarly upset about it, but instead of quitting I simply didn’t whale out on AC scratch like I was intending to. I was going to scratch until at least the Divine Order bonus, but due to them withholding Mark Capsules I kept my wallet closed and went Mana Reverie on my weps instead.

Another thing that is just really annoying me is the total inability to do anything useful with the deluge of 13* units from XQ4 or Cradle. Yeah, you can vendor them but that’s about it. JP has a cube exchange, why do we not have that yet? It feels ridiculous for them to withhold that at this point. It is a little thing, but little things like this add up with bigger things and eventually Sega ends up driving away its hardcore players like my friend and hey over time maybe also me. I try to make a point to scratch every new scratch bc I can afford it and I like to support them, but this cash grab really soured me. I am not leaving yet, but I am very upset about this decision.

Can't really say anything about a SG Support Scratch, but the 13* unit exchange has been brought up twice between General Discussion last week & In-game Suggestions from last month.

Honestly the SG support scratch is even more of a cash grab with how quickly it can drain anyone of their SG while giving them basically nothing. The AC scratch isn't much better either mind you, especially since it still includes completely useless items in it.

Well, even less than nothing since NGS is on the horizon and will likely introduce new ways to exploit players utilize SG.

As for 13* units having no tradein, I agree. It always sucks vendoring some schvelles because you can't really make use of the stuff on them.

@Church10129 Ugh, it's so annoying that they won't respond to player's concerns about those units! They wonder why the playerbase is so small; it's little things like this that add up over time and eventually one becomes a straw that breaks the back. I love this game, I don't want to quit, I want to give them money but hot damn do I understand why my friend quit. 😕

Honestly the SG support scratch is even more of a cash grab with how quickly it can drain anyone of their SG while giving them basically nothing. The AC scratch isn't much better either mind you, especially since it still includes completely useless items in it.

True, which is what makes this decison even more stupid. It was recently my bday. Usually I take some big trip for my bday but for obvious reasons can't this year. So I was planning to spend that travel money instead by whaling out hard for AC scratchand SG if I needed it. So they missed a hefty profit from me by making a very poor business decision. Also, by driving away hardcore players like my friend, it makes it more likely hardcore players like me will quit. If enough of my friends leave in disgust, even if I may persevere despite the bad business practices, eventually I'd sort of be forced to leave if many of my friends do.

50 more attack reeeeeallly doesn't change your damage all that much and I'm going to be brutally honest and say that spending a ton of money on a game doesn't make you a hardcore player, it makes you a mark and encourages predatory business practices like gacha in general.

Like today I just finished doing my stupid 'god unit' affix (guardian glare, absolute glare, crack V and veteran's resolve V and then transfer passing upwards adding capsules for mana reverie and aether factor, with a cheap and honestly unnecessary 80hp 5pp capsule) which added more than twice the amount mark augment would add. I still hit Masque for an almost unnoticeable amount of extra damage.

Sure there's satisfaction in seeing numbers go up and making something as optimized as possible (shit, I originally was going to be dumb as hell with said unit and go for a 5 slot with doom break III and eat through my very limited supply of 6s insurance), but in PSO2 it really isn't worth the real money cost and never has been.

@IAMCRAIG I can't add S augs until I add a Mark. I'm not hardcore bc I spend money, I'm hardcore bc I spend many hours a day playing. Like tbh almost as many as a full time job sometimes lol.

The discussion about gatcha is complicated. FWIW my friend who quit was F2P, and part of why he quit is bc he felt like witholding SG scratch was screwing over F2P players like him. But I am happy to support Sega in normal times by donating money via scratch (is how I see it). My point is: they will drive off players like me who are happy to give them money if they keep doing this stuff. They already upset me to the point where I didn't give them money. If they want to make money, they can't be making decisions that anger those of us who give it to them. It's pretty simple. And losing amazing F2P players like my friend will also contribute to the loss of ppl like me who want to give them money.

And yeah, the stat diff. isn't that large. It's more the principle of the thing. Which is why I went Mana over DO, there's a negligible diff between the two. DO is just bc you want the very top of the line to satisfy your OCD (ok that is what it would have been for me).

I disagree that PSO2 isn't worth money (I'm generally happy to donate to them bc I have so much fun and I want to see the game last a long time, but don't think everyone needs to), BUT I totally think that it's awesome that ppl can play as F2P players and that many of my friends who are F2P are much more hardcore and skilled than many whales.

Point is: bad business practices will drive off those of us who do give them funds. And that will hurt their bottom line.

They are afraid that Mark will destroy the game. lol

@IAMCRAIG said in Where are our Mark Capsules and 13* unit exchange?:

the SG support scratch is even more of a cash grab with how quickly it can drain anyone of their SG while giving them basically nothing

This. I know some people have ignored the SG cosmetics scratches but all the crying for SG support scratch particularly on Twitter has elevated it to the status of some mythical event that'll give everyone full god-tier augment sets for free.

It is a scratch. Most people are going to get a lot of expensive junk at 80 SG a pop. This means they'll have spent weeks complaining about not getting the free affixes that never existed, and then immediately switch to complaining about how unrewarding the reality of an SG support scratch turned out to be.

There's no winning when people have built up unreasonable fantasies.

As an aside, maintenances are and always have been every two weeks and scratch sets have always changed every Wednesdays. The people who were complaining about us not having SG support scratch days ago shouldn't act outraged that we don't have it now when there hasn't been a refresh for it to arrive in. That just stinks of petulance and impatience.

100 SG a pop unless they lower the price for global

@HarmlessSyan said in Where are our Mark Capsules and 13* unit exchange?:

100 SG a pop unless they lower the price for global

Yikes! The support one is even more expensive than the cosmetics ones? 🤢

A lot of my friends left for similar reasons, just little things that snowballed. They’re not interested in NGS anymore. We’re all comfortable in our careers too so you know we like to spend on games but while I’m still here, they left for greener pastures.

Can’t really say anything to make you feel better, I just know how you feel.

It’s odd that they didn’t give us the SG support scratch with boost week, I knew so many people that were chomping at the bit for it. So I think they actually lost money by not giving us it, so I don’t think it was a money grab move.

Has for the 13* unit exchange I would of agreed we should have gotten it before UH Cradle, but that run is so broken all ready, the last thing we need is another source of excubes from it. If they decide to adjust something with cradle so its not so broken, then I’d all be for them brining in the 13* unit exchange

I rather have them adding the Mark Capsules and the receptors to the UWB shop then them squeezing out the players of their SGs for this, especially now with NGS coming out and SGs being the only currency that actually carries over.

Im also waiting for sg support scratch. I have 5k sg atm and will probably pay up to 300$ (my max budget) to get mark capsules so i can finally finish my god units