Weeb Bot - Urgent Quest alerts on Discord!

Weeb Bot

Hey everyone! I'm Kaze, and I'm here to introduce Weeb Bot, my Discord bot for PSO2 alerts that dates back to 2016. It was recently rewritten to support alerts for PSO2 NA Urgent Quests, so I feel like this is the perfect time to talk about it on the PSO2.com forums.

What does it do?

  • Urgent Quest alerts for PSO2 NA


  • Emergency Quest alerts for PSO2 JP



  • Alerts for new posts on pso2.com (coming soon)

How do I get it?

Detailed instructions are in weebbot.com/help, but the tl;dr is:

  • Add the bot to your server by clicking here
  • Head to weebbot.com and click Login with Discord
  • Head to the settings page by clicking Settings at the top or here
  • Select your server by clicking the icon on the left, select which channel you want each alert to go to, and click save!

Something's wrong, what do I do?

Feel free to send me (Kaze#3067) a message on Weeb Bot's Discord server or open an issue on Weeb Bot's Github repository.

If you're wanting to add Global support (note that PSO2 isn't "NA" anymore, if you're wanting to be accurate, hasn't been since August of last year), I would recommend adding https://rappy-burst.com/ as an alternative to bumped.org/psublog, as it's essentially a copy blog site, but for PSO2 Global.

Of course, with pulling news posts from PSO2.com, you may find this unnecessary, but rappy burst is a fantastic resource for many things.

@Matt Thank you! I'll probably add options to enable alerts for both in that case 🙂