Couple of 15*s I don't need, fresh to go

All are drops/35 enhance capable

Ship 3

/(No.) = Affix slots

Orgei Rancor - wind /4

Adelle Crouve +9 - dark / 7

Resonant Talmei - fire /7

Novel Katana +6 - dark /5

Hard cross bullet +7 - dark/5


15*s cant be sold or traded to other players 🙂

@MyreiShidow OH GOD!!!!!

Thx for the reminder. I absolutely HATE the *15 acquisition situation. The amount of grinding ti took just get those, just to shred them.

Almost 2 weeks of boost, and the drops have been beyond pathetic. All of the camos...nothing. Pardon my rage, but its so rage inducing.

PS- so this is just for 14* trading? Whats the point of that? Thx in advance.