Why cant I sell Genon Zafira

I acquired a Genon Zafira through a mission and I'm unable to check its value or sell it. Can someone please educate me on why this is happening, I would really appreciate it. I also come across this issue with multiple other items as well.

15* Weapons cannot be sold in Personal Shops (nor can 13* Units or 14* Eggs).

End game weapons, units and 14 star pets can't be sold on the player shop. This was introduced when 15 star weapons and 13 star units came out.

@Zeke What should i do with them?

@AndrlCh Thank You what would you recommend i do with them?

@Daboyjeff Either you use them as affix fodder (at +35) or you dismantling them for Plam... mats

It is one of the best on-demand pp batteries if you know how to abuse it.

It hurts you when you use PA or tech, but lucent adversity recovers 15% of your max pp when you take damage. You can stack S2 and S3 for 30% pp recovery, and there are techniques with no activation time like zero nabarta allowing you to spam it several times for full pp recovery.

If you're going for Klauz weapons scrap them in your player owned room/house place for the materials. If they're more than +10 enhancement i'd use them on upgrading other weapons. If they have good augments save them, or if they're one of the better weapons you've got use them.