chatbox doesnt work

my chat box stop working. i was trying to copy and paste "iristina rainbow" from IE to pso2 ally chat. it didnt work. now i am unable to view what anyone and even me in the chat box. my ally can view what i am typing in the chat box but i cant. i have look in chat options to see if i disble anything but eveything was enabled.

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I can't use emotes or chat anymore for some reason. My friends are able to do it just fine.

Same for me. Tried on two different XBOX. I can see an occasional SA, nothing else.

I'm sure is has something to do with the partial Xbox Live outage right now. People can use most of the social features.

i notice to that my emote where not working either.

I also can't join parties anymore. Seems like people logging in now can't do much. 😕

I'm seeing a lot of people having the same issue. Can we get some official word in here?

It was Xbox Live having party issues. It seems to be working now.

What I find interesting is when XBL parties wasn't working right PSO2 chat/emotes were broken. That's really bazaar to me.

Its still broken

Still having issues here...