Primordial Darkness Drop Rates????

just a quick question im checking to see if people have been able to get unit drops more on XH or UH due to the difference of his loot tables or anything like that i mean idk about anyone else but earning 150 exegul modules is not fun lol

It exist but pretty low, I mean it to the point I've given up and just use NGS gear when it release instead of transfer over

Damn that one member in my alliance get 2 piece drop at the same time

don't expect to drop the units from UQ, the drop rates is always low even with the boosters so is better to focus in getting the materials for Zig

I've killed Abyss Face probably about half or 3/4ths of the time the UQ's been up and I've got nothing to show for it. Of the 5 or so active people in my alliance only one of them ever got a single unit to drop. I dunno what the drop rates actually are, but my experience suggests they're terrible, as has been the norm for getting anything good from boss UQs.

You're right about the modules though. I've given up on making the entire set. I made the back and that'll have to be enough for me unless the modules get really cheap. If you have enough stuff to make the back unit, do that. It gives like 30 or 40 more attack than the other units in the set. Riv and crans don't have a set bonus so you're free to mix and match them with no drawbacks.

I have two Klauz units from the Trigger version, but nothing special from the UQ at all.

Ran this around 70 times. Nothing. But I mainly do it for the darkstones anyways.

Only thing I got was a steel series katana. The item drop rate is very low for everything even with boosters. Granted the stuff it drops is top end game so I see why it's so low.

I've gotten the legs (after I already made them) and 2 arms which I needed. One set of arms had the general damage 2 s7 on it too but I don't use it. I also saw a teamate get a powerstone drop once. But that's it. Idk how many i've run but I got the title that gave me a powerstone and done probably 10 morw after that. Also worth noting all of those have only happened in a trigger, after doing the UQ (primordial UQ gives a raid bonus afterwards that's like 250% RDR and i'm almost positive that's why)

RNG and excessive farming, too things I will absolutely not miss when I quit MMORPGs in a few weeks.

This is especially true after I tried to do the Trigger for Endless Nightmare and we only got to the Lilipa section before running out of time. I was told by one of the group members that my gear isn't good enough even though I have a fully affixed Lightweave Cras and a fully affixed set of Trailblazer units. Heck, there are only TWO upgrades from Trailblazer FFS (Atlas and Cras, and neither are a "big" upgrade from Trailblazer), yet it's "not good enough"?

Yeah, sorry, but when a game demands the BiS gear to complete content (all of which is horrid RNG drop rates or months of grinding) I have to step away. I'm still trying to figure out how a Phantom can get to 6700 TEC Pwr, as I only get to 5700 with fully affixed gear (all with +130 or more in power) and Premium Drink 2.

Primordial Darkness came out last September for JP, I try to make as many as I could, and over this 7 month - I've gotten 3 Klauz units.

@BloodyKyona gear can only help you out so much, rest is knowing you class and how to output DPS. Much like how some can kill Sodam Depth 100 with no units equipped while I would say a large portion of players would not be able to DPS the 250 mil HP in that 15 minute time limit with all their gear.

@HarmlessSyan Well I certainly know my class and how to output DPS (my issue is almost always that I only successfully dodge 90% of attacks instead of 99-100% of them, but I didn't die once during the trigger as there are no real one-shot mechanics). The others in the group knew this too. I was specifically told, and I quote, "TB units ain't gonna cut it". That just blows my mind seeing as there are only exactly two upgrades from TB.

@BloodyKyona If y'all are timing out in LILIPA with +130 Trailblazers and Cras weapons, this isn't a gear issue. I consistently reach AT LEAST Ruins with my dinky Riv+ weapons and +120 Trailblazers, even in hella scuffed runs.

@BloodyKyona not saying it is just because of you that the group timed out, because it seems like the whole group's DPS is low. I never personally ran with under 4 players, but I do not believe the trigger scales with player number. There are videos of people duoing the trigger quest - meaning the 4 of you were out DPS'd by 2.

Though in the past you have mentioned you struggled with Divide Quest bosses and solo Buster Quest, so your DPS is probably not as high as you think it is.

Edit: Here is a sample of Rod main Phantom in the Trigger quest

First off, I resolved the issue in Divide (at least as much as I've done so far); my issue was trying to stun Exegul, which is not to be done solo or duo (Rafoie is Phantom's best shot and it's not good enough). Once I only set it into offensive by breaking the back diamond and went straight for weak point with Gimegid, it went down. The rest after 10 I have only done duo (so far cuz I've been busy), and my partner is certainly not at a high skill level. I intend to try and solo the higher ones at some point and find out for certain.

As for that video, well, okay, that's a top of the line player in the top 0.1% of the playerbase. I never claimed to be there. I'm certainly in the top 20%, though. I place my skill level at around 83 or so overall, some parts of the game are higher, some lower. I have literally carried Final Lament once or twice. One thing, though, that person's Ilgrants was doing about 36K per sparkle, mine gets to almost 34K. I really don't know how to get to 6700 TEC Pwr. Cras units wouldn't do it. Other than that, they are faster on casting than me by about 0.25-0.50 seconds per cast. They clearly have every timing memorized, something I'm not even capable of. If I could always hear the DING, I could get it every time, but when I get overloaded by effects that are much louder and brighter, my timing is thrown off by a half second or so. If there was a way to isolate the casting ding and mute all other sounds, I could be just as fast as in that video.

Holy crap just realized they are using a CONTROLLER?! I can barely play with a controller at all. That person must be the very top PSO2 player to do that well on controller.

I still don't appreciate the long Hours in-between the UQ's, I was hopefull post Maintenance, But that hall has gone south. As far as the PD - Eh.. I still has some levelgin to do, But I don't think I want to rush to much, I feel that NGS is going to hit a roadblock. So, as for those that think that NGS is just around the corner.. I think you need to look again.