Versus Annihilation Ticket Campaign not working. Completing 20+ recommended quests has not activated it.

As a description says, between multiple characters over two ships I've been working on this since 5 days ago and it just refuses to unlock. I've had at least two characters do eight missions individually. Nothing. Just did yet another, still nothing.

To clarify the most obvious question, yes I am collecting the gift at the end of the missions.

This must be a bug.... There is no 'human error' to debate, as it's a straightforward requirement as it gets. 7 missions. Not working for me.

That's said, all other recent campaigns have been completed, this is the only one that's not activating. Help!


Still cant get this to unlock, and its been almost 2 weeks now. Thanks.

I can't find the post about it, but I'm pretty sure that its over? The campaign was awhile ago.