Game continuously crashes (NP1013 Error)

So I've been having some trouble as of late with the game. For the last week or so, PSO2 crashes about ten minutes into starting the game, every time. It says that I'm getting an NP1013 error and I've looked through dozens of forums looking for answers but nothing helpful.

This is starting to get really tiresome and I'm losing patience with this game. Please, I need some help figuring out how to fix this.

What is your Antivirus and check you r BIOS for anything related to virtualization technology and make sure it is disable.d In Windows, make sure no service related to Hyper-V is running. Most start with vm, if you check the services tab in Task Manager

@Ragnawind I use Avast, could that be the issue?

@MCSuire said in Game continuously crashes (NP1013 Error):

@Ragnawind I use Avast, could that be the issue?

Avast could very well be the issue. All of a sudden after Tuesday this week people have been getting 1013 only with Avast.