NGS Miscellaneous Q&A Thread

A thread for users to ask and answer questions about data that wasn't popularized from CBT findings or the JP engine update.

I will do my best to collect a list of known or thread standing quotes in order to start off this thread.

Sample Questions:

  • Relationship of different body and face types.

  • Relationship of base PSO2 faces. (Heterochromia functionality with Beast Face, ect.)

@Ezodagrom said in Beast faces will work? (NGS):

@Kurogaea You'll have access to the current PSO2 face variants in NGS, including the beast face, but, old face variants don't have access to the new NGS features, such as the new salon face options, new makeovers, new types of eyes, eyelashes, ...

Though, while you won't have access to the new face features, you'll still have access to the new body models and the new hairstyles, since those are treated separately from the face.

@MasterDarkwingz said in In the name of more Phashion, I performed science with the NGS Type male body!:

I can already see some players on Ship 3 doing that censor bar gag to loli characters just to meme for the keks.

I'm more interested in if I can have a Heterochromia Beast Face CAST with the base PSO2 model.

@AndrlCh said in In the name of more Phashion, I performed science with the NGS Type male body!:

@MasterDarkwingz You can, and fun fact, with the update you can actually adjust Beast ears if you are using the Deuman variant (though for some reason they count as the horns instead of the ears when you go to adjust them). It might be a bug, but I'm hoping they don't remove the function.

They said the points to attach the accessories to are going to be freely selectable, does this also include the Mag or is this another thing they slept on?

@Ryoga Mag is not considered an accessory, so it doesn't count in the accessory points.

@Ezodagrom said in NGS Miscellaneous Q&A Thread:

Mag is not considered an accessory

Obviously, but will you be able to select it as a point to attach accessories onto?

@Ryoga No, and you can only change the anchor point for some accessories; in particular, accessories that have two separate parts to them (like accessories that are on two limbs) cannot have their anchor point changed.

For whomever it may concern:

With regards to the Beast Race, a Reddit post from a five year old thread mentions that the idea was smacked down by the developers.

Considering that the Beast Face is a Fresh Finds item in PSO2, it's safe to presume that NGS will have a Beast Face [N] version.

Due to the change in mechanics between Phantasy Star series games from differing platforms, various race models may have to be scrapped and implemented as simple cosmetic appearances. Especially within the NGS low polygon models.

(NGS new model mechanics- the finger movements, explains as to why "Gender" and Race were removed as a formal concept.)

Henceforth while continued from PSO2 as a cosmetic standpoint, you may still declare your character to be of the Beast Race.

While there is no ARKS ID section telling you to conform to or customize a race/gender selection,

there's yet to be an official translated preview of the Character-> Status menu where that information currently is located.

PSO2 in it's base version is currently planned to continue running with various updates, but there remains a silence and possible NDA as to the method of PSO2 original's continuation after 10 years of technological advances have been made post NGS release. (2030-2040)

The developers have not yet stated any plans to improve or remove pixilation of PSO2 item textures.

Nor have they stated any intentions to remove or replace original models after software becomes too advanced for amicable appearance.

That is to say, NGS model items will be in continued demand. Please remember to plan your expenditures at a responsible rate.

If you remain concerned about the future of base PSO2, please don't fret.

Currently, there is AI out there in the world that was developed for improving anime in areas where redraws or improvement would otherwise force artists to completely redraw every episode to meet modern aspect ratio and 4k imaging.

SEGA has developed the Hedgehog Engine in the past.

It's no small stretch to say that a SEGA patented image processing AI could be in development at any moment between 2021 and 2040.

PSO2 remains in the hands of SEGA's investors, and SEGA has yet to disappoint Global players in terms of maintaining Phantasy Star nostalgia.

This means that there is still hope for original items and area textures to be brought to the same scale as NGS detail.

Do we know if loli body types are gonna be unavailable in the North American version of NGS like they are in base NA PSO2?

@Eva_Unit_00 said in NGS Miscellaneous Q&A Thread:

Do we know if loli body types are gonna be unavailable in the North American version of NGS like they are in base NA PSO2?

The only likelihood of that happening is if we ask the GMs to nag the devs to remove the height indicator in order to reapply the original height slider. (Can't know the height as under 5 feet if there's nothing to track that.)

Unfortunately, the UK enjoys making the US angry with "Anti Asian sentiment" through making claims of "potential pedo encouragement."

In other words, the UK government will harass any company (SEGA) with anything that contains three sizes and height which could be interpreted as a minor. (Despite artwork being perfectly legal according to American case law- where SEGA is based.)

[TLDR: ]

Virtue signaling UK is close to being unable to handle US Twitterverse virtue signals, but not close enough for government work or lolis in video games.