Affixing question

I’m trying to affix my units with 5 or 6 slots to get 200melee power the cheapest way possible but there is something i don’t understand. You buy/farm the unit with the aug you want, so e.g one unit has doombreak the next unit has mitra glare. I need to use more then one to up the % but i only have 5slots to choose from. So i can get these two skills on but after that i have to affix again to get more augments but will often lose previous skills like glares and souls. How do i get all the skills i want on one unit with this system?

@Riley In brief, your basic strategies will be to:

  1. Use an affix capsule to free up a slot
  2. Enhance specific 13 star units to +10 to unlock their "Augment Factor" (SAF) which is an affix that will transfer with 100% success so long as that unit is used in your affixing recipe. You can see a full list of eligible units here.
  3. Create your own fodder units that have more than one affix you want on them

You could also use Augment Transfer Passes to attach multiple capsules from the Mission Badge Swap Shop while upslotting, but this is generally reserved for when you make your final endgame units.

Assuming you don't use the mission badge capsules, the cheapest set-up that would get you close to 200 melee is probably something like:

  • Graceful Might (+50 MEL) via affix capsule (this will be the most expensive component, but I don't know of a cheaper way to get 50 MEL)
  • Might 5 (+40 MEL) via Novel back unit SAF (can be obtained in the Rising Weapon Badge 5 shop)
  • Mitra Glare (+30 MEL) via 2 copies
  • Ex Acto Soul (+30 MEL) via 2 copies
  • Elder Reverie (+40 MEL) via 2 copies (Persona Reverie would also give +40 MEL)
  • S-Grade Augment Slot

This would give you 190 melee power and you could get it up to 195 if you upgrade the Novel unit to a Rivalate unit at Zig because the Rivalate SAF is Might 6 (+45 MEL). You could also swap out Ex Acto Soul for Acto Di Soul for an additional +5 MEL power to reach the 200 threshold. However, the +20 defense added from Ex Acto Soul shouldn't be discounted if you're playing content on the Ultra Hard difficulty.

For similar reasons, I went with Elder Reverie over Persona Reverie because Elder subtracts 2 PP whereas Persona subtracts 20 DEF. Which stat you value more is a personal preference, although if you're attaching everything to the 13 star Trailblazer units then it'll be easier to go with Persona Reverie as that's the SAF on all 3 Trailblazer units.

Also, please note that I'm reserving your 6th slot for an S-Grade Augment (SGA) as those generally provide more benefit than a flat stat affix. If you don't have an SGA that you like then you could replace this with Doom Break 2/3 or Sentence Might to easily break 200 melee attack.

  • You'd have to make Doom Break 3 from scratch using 2 copies.
  • However, Doom Break 2 is available via SAF from the Avion Dusk back unit which drops in a few places (e.g. I've gotten a few from Tokyo Rainbow Keys)
  • Sentence Might is available via SAF from the Schvelle Kibbs back unit. You can make this unit at Zig by upgrading a Cleasis back unit, and you can also make a Cleasis unit by upgrading an Ivlida unit at Zig. You can get the materials for this upgrade at the Rising Weapon Badge 4 shop and you can buy Cleasis and Ivlida units on the Player Shop. Alternatively, you can trade in Buster Medals for Ivlida units in the Buster Badge Shop.

As for the recipe itself, you could go with something like the following using all 6-slot units:

  • 6-slot (6s) Base unit (the one you'll wear in the end): SGA + Mitra Glare + Ex Acto Soul
  • 6s Fodder #1: Novel unit enhanced to +10 for Might 5 SAF
  • 6s Fodder #2: Any unit with Mitra Glare
  • 6s Fodder #3: Any unit with Ex Acto Soul
  • 6s Fodder #4: Any unit with Elder Reverie
  • 6s Fodder #5: Any unit with Elder Reverie
  • Graceful Might capsule in inventory
  • 30% Augmentation Aid (AA) item in inventory

2 copies of Mitra Glare, Ex Acto Soul, and Elder Reverie will give you a 50% chance of succesfully transferring them to your base unit. However, we're currently in a 20% boost week so you'll actually have a 70% chance. Once you add a 30% AA item you'll raise this to 100% and you can get that item in the Ex-Cube shop for 20 cubes.

You'll also notice that I added a copy of Mitra Glare and Ex Acto Soul to the base unit and this would require a separate step where you use an additional 2 copies of Mitra Glare and Ex Acto Soul to attach them to the base unit. So in total you'd need 3 units with Mitra Glare and 3 units with Ex Acto Soul when preparing this recipe. Naturaly, you could add Elder Reverie to a unit instead if it's cheaper than either Mitra Glare or Ex Acto Soul.

Ive done an affixing formula that is a budget affix to get you to 200 melee on a 6s unit with an S aug.

A few things to note:

  1. I’ve used a junk S aug for the example has you will need a different one for your back, arm and leg. So when you’re ready to affix, add in the S aug onto your unit and upslot to 6s first.

  2. The Might V Augment Factor comes from one of the Novel unit’s (the back I think) that you can get from the rwb 5 exchange. You will need to upslot this unit to 6s and grind to +10 to get the Augment Factor to appear. Then add on the designated affix

  3. In order to hit 200 melee I’ve had to neglect some other like pp and def, if you’re open to having lower attack I can do something with more balanced stats.

  4. It sounds like you haven’t had much experience in affixing so I’ve tried to keep it has simple as possible for you. If you up for trying something more complicated and are able to farm at cradle I can put together something with higher stats for you.

  5. I have no idea if you have any mission badges or transfer passes, if you have 75 transfer passes spare, and at least 360 mission badges spare, then you could put on some of the mega affixes instead of some of these. But if you ever have any intention of doing god units in the future you will be better off saving these for those.

  6. You need you might and pp/3 ticket in your inventory for the final affix

Great replies thanks. And i just spent all my mission badges on a bunch of enhancement caps for my 2 klaus weaps. Really wanted to buy that mana rev for the units.

@Riley If you have time try and farm lots of Cradle of Darkness. The units that drop in there can be insane. I'm talking easy sources of Doom Break (all ranks), high rank Attack affixes (things like Might IV or higher) as well a decent shot at getting units with the affixes needed to make Mana Rev or the other parts of Guardian Soul.

Additionally Cradle is also an amazing source of 13* and 14* weapons if you need more crafting parts for your Klaus weapon.

Lastly the best advice I can give regarding Affixing anything is to do your upslotting first. ONLY start affixing something once it's at the final number of slots you want.