Beast faces will work? (NGS)

I play with the beast face option. Anyone know if it works or even will work during beta (or launch)?

Yes? for using old PSO2 variant and old PSO2 make-up etc.

You won't get some of the options that the new NGS face get and make-up, eyes/eyebrows etc designed for the new face.

Hm...The cosmetic is a face variant so maybe it could transfer over? I dunno, its a trivial thing but its the only thing that reminds me of Phantasy Star Universe Online back when I played it.

I am 99% sure it will work in NGS with old PSO2 spec stuff

@Kurogaea You'll have access to the current PSO2 face variants in NGS, including the beast face, but, old face variants don't have access to the new NGS features, such as the new salon face options, new makeovers, new types of eyes, eyelashes, ...

Though, while you won't have access to the new face features, you'll still have access to the new body models and the new hairstyles, since those are treated separately from the face.

@Kurogaea Beast Face is a PSO2-type face. It can still be used in NGS, but it is restricted to PSO2-type face morphing and facial cosmetics (pupils, eyelashes, eyebrows, makeup).

Ohhh I see...damn. Need a new beast face variant to use the new NGS features. Oh wells... 😕