Are the "Glow in the Dark Eyes" a mistranslation?

In the salon at Coast (night):

The eyes clearly don't glow, even though the clione basewear shines pretty brightly. All my lighting-based graphic effects seem to be turned on.

Also, the pattern of the eyes doesn't seem to match any of the glow in the darks I could find on swiki, so I'm not sure if these are actually supposed to glow in the dark or if this was just another mistranslation like the ear/eye-covering extensions a ticket or two ago.


This may take some time to find the Swki's listing and direct Google translate.

Google image search currently labels the eyes as Doll if that's a good replacement.

Image I have to search with:

alt text

Huh. Odd.

They look nothing like the Blurred Eyes to me, but that's close to the wave of items we've gotten thus far.

(Currently mislabeled/Google Translated as Blurred pupil size. Can be confused with Blur Eyes.)

alt text

They're too cold and more pinpoint to be Glass Eyes.

alt text

Yeah, I checked swiki for all the eyes I could think of that'd be "glow in the dark" (夜光 is used on a bunch of them for "glow in the dark"), but couldn't seem to find any that matched the pattern.

I doubt google images calling them Doll is useful, it's probably just assuming it's a doll face instead of a screenshot.

Might be worth noting: These are called "Glow in the dark eyes L/S", but there's an old discontinued item we have access to that's just "glow in the dark eyes" without the l/s specifier, and it's a completely different eye pattern.

I know Luminous Eyes actually glow in the dark if that helps but the pupil pattern isn’t the same. Glass Eyes are my default, sadly they don’t glow at all and are rather dingy in color.