Atlas EX and other weapon camos not displaying

So I bought the Atlas EX weapon camo today which says "All Weapons" and when I equip it nothing happens. The item preview in inventory is also blank and it seems all camos that have a blank preview icon also have this issue for me. Any idea how to fix this? I have all my graphic settings basically on max and my specs are Ryzen 5800x, 2080Ti, 64GB RAM, and a Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus SSD. Appreciate any input on this issue.

Sounds like those files are corrupt, so you will have to run a file check/check the integrity of the game file.

@AndrlCh I just verified integrity via steam and it had to redownload over 10k files. The issue is still present but curiously I re-verified again and it had to re-acquire the same amount of files all over again. Is this common on all versions of the game?

I havent used the Atlas EX camo but pretty sure the icon issue everyone has right now with the Atlas EX camo and the Graf Tische camo, invisible weapon is new to me though.

@Vashzaron When I equip the camo it doesn't affect my weapon at all as in it doesn't override the default model despite clearly being equipped.

![](image url)

@Astral-0 In that image it looks like it is using the Atlas EX rod model.

Just in case it needs to be said, remember that this camo is one that collects several different models from the same line together rather than one that uses a single model for multiple weapon types, so if you are already using an Atlas EX weapon, it won't look like anything has changed.

@AndrlCh Oh that is good information I had no idea that was the case thank you.