Please give us a AC bonus items exchange

Like the title says can we please get a AC bonus items exchange or make them sellable, there are so many people out there that does not want all of the extra items and for those people it probably feel like money wasted on the extras, but if we had an exchange for them like say other bonus items then that may encourage more people to purchase

Or if they were sellable at lest they would not feel like it was wasted and other players that are free to play would then be able to get access to them

^ This

The one size fits all prize system is not a great incentive for paying customers to buy so many tickets. A male CAST doesn’t want female thigh high stockings paint, many people don’t even decorate their personal quarters so the posters are a waste to them and there’s even players that just don’t like hats. You can’t please everyone with this system.

If we had a badge system, I would be encouraged to spend more money. The most desirable prizes could cost a lot more badges if they needed to balance it.

yes pls:D

This is a good idea

I agree. I rarely want everything, or heck, sometimes even any, of the bonuses and the system in general just is really offputting.