Is the Versus Annihilation ticket campaign working? It's not appearing.

I have been doing the prize recommended missions since Sunday and nothing has shown up. I just did an additional four between two characters on both ships for a total of eight. Still nothing.

The YouTube video I learned about it from clearly showed it in his Visa phone. Not here just nothing. Getting frustrated, I like to wipe these campaigns out quickly but this one just doesn't seem to complete.

FYI I have every other campaign completed already.


@NA-oodan said in Is the Versus Annihilation ticket campaign working? It's not appearing.:

Uh.. Did you collect the gift boxes at the end? Because you need to both complete the quest AND get the gift boxes to collect your free SG tticket as per the news post here:

This is probably what they forgot to do^

@NA-oodan yep. It's supposed to be only 7. I've done at least 12-15 of them between different nchara over 3 days

Lol of course ,it's a requirement 🤔 I have 20+ rewards in there.

I've been working on this since Sunday between multiple chars/multiple ships. No dice. I just did another gift mission. Still hasn't unlocked. This is the dark side at work. The force seems to very weak here. Argh.