So S-Grade Augments are either negated or changed in NGS...

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Shouldn't start with anything at all TBH.

No I meant dropping from within NGS itself. We know 15★ PSO2 weapons (at least excepting katanas, bows, jet boots, soaring blades and harmonizers) will be converted to 4★ in NGS. I'm not expecting them to be instantly obsoleted by 7★ or better drops that people will be getting on day 1, let alone ones that have an equipment requirement of 1 like Zax, Basileon and friends that were an obvious catch-up mechanism. No catch-up will be needed at the start of the new game.

They've already written out that the maximum rarity of items will be 4★ on NGS launch.

@Rang-Dipkin That spreadsheet is a great work, especially the translation of S-augment names!

@Ki-Rin In NGS, once successfully affixed, all augments will have 100% success rate for any further affixing attempts. Also augments can be affixed one by one, we don't need to try to fill all augment slots at once as we do in (non-S-grade) affixing of PSO2. In a sense, we can say all NGS augments are already S-grade augments.

What they differ from S-grade augments is, as far as from what's revealed in the beta, we can't swap augments. So once an augment is affixed on a gear, it must be destroyed when we want to replace it with another one. There seem to be no way to retrieve it.

Those charts are pretty helpful but it doesn't seem to help me in this particular dilemma, and if there is a way to transfer S5-Grade Augs. to weapons that will become 3 Star in the upcoming global beta next month if you're not allowed to bring weapons that will become 4 Star, it will definitely help me decide in whether to keep that augment I have. Although at this point, I think I might keep it anyway just so I can try to S-Rank old story missions as a Hunter instead of a Hero.

Anyway let's hope with the upcoming beta next month we'll be able to analyze the higher tier S-Grade Augs to see what they turn into, especially since it seems like one S4 Aug, turns into something completely different or just became a weaker version in one of the charts.

Theres really no need to be concerned about what will and wont transfer over into NGS in terms of affixes.