New Players with Flowen's Sword Camo

I see them all the time but I can't figure out how they get it. Is it a platform exclusive reward or something?

It's a reward exclusive to the Microsoft Store version of PSO2, so yes you're correct. I made a brand new account on that platform last week (to take advantage of a promotion granting items to new players and their alliance) and that alt account got Flowen's sword and a bunch of other stuff.

You might be able to the sword camo and other stuff yourself if you install the Microsoft Store version and link your account.

Xbox gets it too.

@Xaelon said in New Players with Flowen's Sword Camo:

It's a reward exclusive to the Microsoft Store version of PSO2

It's a reward that was meant to be exclusive to the Open Beta alongside three other camos (the same way the Microsoft Store, Steam and Epic Games Store launches all had four camos), but it looks like they never stopped it being distributed so all post-open beta (including PC) players seem to have always been able to get it.

I vaguely remember my visiphone deadline to pick it up was sometime in April 2021 - which we're in now - so unless that date is either dynamic and based on the date you first log in or has been deliberately extended, it may be that new players stop getting it soon.

Thanks for the info, guys. That sucks, but at least now I know. I'll give it a shot. Maybe the MS store version will run this time. Will have to create a new MS account I guess.