For the love of god add an identify all option

This is getting old


Yeah, would not mind missing out on this wonderful time sink.

o/ =^.^=

And add a tekker to the campship while you're at it.

Um.. you can shift select all your unidentified items & identify them altogether

If on Keyboard, at the Tekker: hold shift and press up arrow a couple times (might be 3 times can't remember)

Controller probably does the same thing with right trigger as mentioned above

@Theuberclips Yea, just hold the right trigger and scroll through the list. To "pick and choose" in bulk, highlight and then tap the trigger to "mark" that item. However, this does not seem to work with the "advanced" form of assessment.

@zaffy2005 That's most likely to be an intentional design. Do you want to accidentally make an enhanced appraisal on a few dozen 13-star weapons? 😁

@Fiona-Respha Heh, I've never had more than 3 or 4 at a time so I wouldn't have to worry about that, but generally I still just pick the same element and base augment across the board anyway. And at this point 13-star weapons are "junk drops" anyway as most of them don't have any upgrade path, and the majority of those that do, even at their apex, are still out-classed by the 15-star "bling bling" weapons in the Collection Folder.

Yeah this suggestion is pretty much already satisfied thanks to multi-select with shift or RT. If that didn't exist or if you could only identify say 10 at a time the way dismantling is limited I could see the need, but identifying everything is already doable with a couple seconds of input so this is already way more convenient than item dismantling or, say, exchanging 1 Photon Sphere for 1 12★ EXP Egg one exchange at a time with four confirmation presses every time.

There are absolutely shop interactions that need streamlining. Multi-appraisal is arguably an example of where it already was.

I thought maybe the OP (Original Poster) was saying have a selectable option instead of shift selecting alllll the way down a long ass list of unidentifieds.

Or better still what I was really feeling when I read it was.. would be nice not to have to sit through half a dozen plus "AH, I got a good look it.." and "..Ohhh.. thats a GREAT FIND!" over and over and over.. ;~~( ..that gets somewhat annoyingly painful when you have several hundred+ to get through.


o/ =^.^=

wowser thanks guys!