Unsellable camos are dropping on Global that are sellable on JP

EDIT: Second edit, this seems to be a recurring theme right now. Yet another untradable camo is dropping that is tradable on JP.

Currently untradable camos that are dropping on Global and have no reason to be untradable:

  • * Obliance Toben (Crimson Spark Triggers, extremely rare)
  • * Crimson Slash (Arks Ship Fire Swirl rare emergency trial reward)

Was untradable, now fixed:

  • *Areus M23 (Divide Quest Earth stages) -- fixed on April 28th maintenance



alt text

Blue icon indicates untradable, but all of these are on the market on JP and have the exact same acquisition locations on Global.

Hopefully they fix it, else I should work on getting lucky enough to obtain one, always enjoy the realistic looking gun camos.

Updated thread. Found another (extremely rare) camo that is untradable for some reason, which is tradable on JP despite both having the sources of the camo being the exact same...

I'm providing Screenshots from the JP client (in a player shop) as further proof.

Obliance Toben Obliance Toben JP.png

Areus M23 Areus M23 JP.png

is it even obtainable in here?

@hayaluna yes, both camos are obtainable.

I now have 2 Obliance Toben camos, someone else has Areus M23 which is how the screenshot was posted

Got another account bound camo

alt text

Image supplied by someone else, drops in Swirling Inferno

And here's the JP version


@Church10129 I was going to post that here but wasn't sure if it was not tradeable too in Japan. Glad I got it already because this untradeable camo garbage is starting to seem intentional.

yeah I saw your post, luckily I had a JP image on hand still.

Updated thread, thanks for this.

Guess who now has 3 Obliance Tobens and no way to sell them...

@Theuberclips Are you saying there's something on JP that isn't in Global? Well shit... mind blown.

Areus M23 has been fixed today. Others still broken