"* Areus M23" and "* Obliance Toben" camos are unsellable

EDIT: Updated thread. Found another camo that is tradable on JP that isn't on Global.

Both of these camos are DROPS and are tradable on JP. Given how rare they are, I don't see why they are untradable on Global when other camos from the same boss are.

  • Areus M23 image was provided by someone else.



Blue icon indicates untradable, but both of these are on the market on JP and have the exact same acquisition locations on Global.

Hopefully they fix it, else I should work on getting lucky enough to obtain one, always enjoy the realistic looking gun camos.

Updated thread. Found another (extremely rare) camo that is untradable for some reason, which is tradable on JP despite both having the sources of the camo being the exact same...

I'm providing Screenshots from the JP client (in a player shop) as further proof.

Obliance Toben Obliance Toben JP.png

Areus M23 Areus M23 JP.png

is it even obtainable in here?

@hayaluna yes, both camos are obtainable.

I now have 2 Obliance Toben camos, someone else has Areus M23 which is how the screenshot was posted