Adjustable Hair You're Most Looking Forward To

In PSO2 NGS, certain hairstyles with the NGS model will utilize an adjustable bangs slider.

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to being able to show off my forehead Uly C Face Makeup if [N] Aphtal Hair comes with adjustable bangs that I can make much shorter.

Would you purchase an NGS Hairstyle right off Fresh Finds if it also had adjustable height for ponytail or pigtails? Or would you whale for it?

SS courtesy of Bumped and the Prologue teaser. alt text

I might be able to use this feature on my alt to get her hair style right and hopefully hide the human ears better.

If I could adjust pigtails or ponytails then absolutely! I only buy really long hair so the longer the better.

Easily the Armeure Hair-- it's the longest ponytail in the game (though, I wish it was curlier/wavier and not just kind of straight-staticy), but I haaate the bangs so much.