Question about looting...

So in missions where you don't get loot until the end, say you want something only one enemy during the mission drops. Do you have to have your boosters active before the kill of that enemy, or the loot crystal at the end?

If you're talking about bosses then drop boosters only count for the crystal at the end of a kill. Normal enemies (unless Divide or such) will drop loot at random. Boosters help the overall drop.

If you're soloing use the boosters before breaking the crystal. In UQ with other players use the boosters when you hear the music change. Indicator that the fight is almost over or listen to the announcer to say boss is almost dead.

Ok lemme be more specific.

Take Endless Nightmare: At the end a loot crystal appears containing loot for all the kills made during the run. Say I want a specific item from Dio Hunar. Do I have my boosters active when I kill Dio Hunar, or before breaking the crystal?

If loot only drops at the end, only the final enemy can drop items. You will not get anything from other enemies' drop tables (no Franca items, no pebels, nothing). The only things that drop loot are the things that drop loot boxes.

@Hatsodoom I believe in this case you have to use your boosters before that boss is killed due to these particular types of quests grouping enemy drops into one big crystal at the end (with the most rare items showing on top as a priority). To maximize your drops from a certain enemy you would have to use your boosters just before you kill them but then you also have to take into account that your boosters on a timer apply to everything that gets killed afterwards.

@BloodyKyona Incorrect, everything gets compiled into a pool. Please don't talk bull poop out your backside.

@VanillaLucia That's what I've been doing, popping my biggest boosters when it spawns. Thanks for the confirm.

Kinda wish there was auto loot for thoes times the servers don't respond before your abile to pick them up

There us auto-loot option for 13+ weapons and 12+ units.

Wow really do you have to set it up?

Just go to options in the game and it should be there for an option for auto loot.

Oh wow thanks kinda slap my self in the face as if I knew that was in the option then the server crash would been less annoying

@Coil said in Question about looting...:

@BloodyKyona Incorrect, everything gets compiled into a pool. Please don't talk bull poop out your backside.

Wrong. You can't get individual drops. It's that simple. Don't believe me? Go grab Franca's client orders for the Ultimate bosses and run Broken World of Twisted Shadows. You will NEVER get Franca's drops. EVER. In fact, you will not get such drops on any map that only has the loot box at the end. It does not get added together.

Also, from what I understand, yes, the rare drop rate is triggered when the loot box is opened.

its because theres a limit to how much can be dropped. when the limit is reached lower rarity stuff is overwritten (older stuff in the case of same rarity). francas drops are 1* so you can guess how that goes.

prime example of this was when people were farming crack from EP6 triggers. they would die before mitra and varuna, and go to campship so they wouldn't get mitra/varuna drops. this meant more luminmech glares, more crack, etc would drop at the end, because mitra and varuna cannot drop crack, and the loot crystal was set to only drop a maximum of 5 solid barriers. their solid barriers would overwrite the solid barriers dropped from fodrus, berouge, and others. same would happen with weapons as well