[Ship 1] Lunar Ronin Pso2 - An NGS Focused Alliance

Hello everyone I am the leader of Lunar Ronin on Ship 1. We are an alliance focused on PSO: New Genesis and we are looking to max out to 100 active members that actively play PSO2 and don’t go AWOL. We hold many alliance events, we have an integrated Raid Squad system built into our alliance, and we are apart of a three alliance community that hold joint events together and we will all go into NGS together and help each other out. We ask our potential recruits to bring some knowledge to the table and have some decent gear equipped it doesn’t have to be anything to crazy. The last 2 seasons we effortlessly earned alliance emblems, but we are now focusing on our rebuilding stage prior to NGS. If interested please join our recruitment server https://discord.gg/DFq55R4j and you will be processed from there, thank you!

Bump. Rank 20 with 65 members. Big plans.

Bummmmmmp big plans coming