Symbol Art Format

Hi all!

tl;dr: Will NGS use the same .sar file format for storing Symbol Arts as vanilla PSO2 did?

I am really looking forward to the new game (didn't get to play the beta though)! However, I was wondering if there was any change in terms of the internal Symbol Art format (.sar format). I am making a machine learning model to convert PNG's to SAML files (which can be converted to SAR) but I will hold off if the Symbol Art format is changed significantly between games. I know a news update said that they could be transferred so I am pretty sure it wouldn't be a problem one way or another but I wanted to make 100% sure before I waste any more time :^) Thanks everyone and I hope to see lots of ya'll in NGS!


Hi all,

Just a few related points to this

  1. Wanted people to know that symbol art importing is in the game (In game menu->go to chat -> symbol arts -> (top banner) Import). I am on Windows 10 and the folder I had to shove the SA's into was in: Documents->SEGA->PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NGS_CBT_NA->symbolarts->import
  2. When I try to import symbol arts that previously worked in PSO2, I get an error (no. 1204)
  3. Symbol arts made in NGS still can be imported into the old symbol art editors (both web and desktop app versions) which leads me to believe that nothing major has changed (maybe they added more layers but that is about it)

I know this is probably kinda silly to most people since this appeals to like .00001% of the player base but still, info is info and this stuff wasn't really addressed so it is just good to put it out there