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I wish someday they rework the force and techter trees

specializing in individual elements feels like leftovers from an old design idea they wanted to explore, but ultimately doesn't really work in the direction they took pso2; especially after they introduced the dual element techniques. techter doesn't need -all- of those passive pp regeneration skills; super treatment is fine, but pp restorate and pp convert (I dont remember if they changed these skill names) really feel like they're meant for force, mainly because I feel like techter oughta focus on getting pp back more from bonking things on the noggin. fire techs are in a really bad place, mainly because the current balance of the game effectively requires you to have max level of the Flame Tech Short Charge skill for fire techs to even match up with the other elements

I think those have been my major issues, but ive never really had a proper outlet to voice them before heh

@NextTime000 That and the fact that the "status ailment" masteries only increase the rate by 10%

10% as in if you have a Tech with 20% burn chance that mastery only turns it into 22% and not 30%. Stuff like this is okay when you do a Fire themed Force build but even back in the day the only thing it'd end up doing was force people into buying additional skill trees and having to swap them all the time.

PP Restore on Te does feel like something Fo should have. I recently tried making a Te build that could spam Techs as much as Force and the best option to replicate that gameplay on Te was to use Weapon and Unit Affixes that restored PP every x amount of seconds. Skills that reduced PP consumption or PP regen just wouldn't cut it and I'd have to either bonk my PP back up or throw my Talis, whose skills are Force only for some reason even though the weapon isn't.

Imo tech classes specifically needed a Skill tree overhauls but other classes are also filled with a lot of "Noob traps" rather than interesting and viable options.

"First Hit" and "Tool Mastery" on Ra

"Aerial Advance" on Gu

"Photon Flare" and "Freeze ignition" on Fo

"Reverser field" and "Poison Ignition" on Te

Or the insane amount of flat stat-up skills that old classes have, which are only worth investing into after you have nothing else to level up. And even those are split between multiple categories when Scion classes (and Summoner) simply consolidated a lot of them into a few Skills, often located on the very bottom of the skill tree, not the very top.

I just hope with this NA release our feedback (what I said in this post has been in my JP surveys for 3 years straight) will finally be taken more seriously.

photon flare is alright; raw stats still benefit techs a little more than it does non-techs, because techs don't get the extra atk from weapon stats based on the elemental %. It's most certainly not a skill to focus, but it's at least something to put leftover skill points into; at least, now that the level 85 force skill makes us want to use photon flare often anyway.

I think even PSCrew realized what was happening with the raw stat up skills getting over-invested in by new players, which is at least why those skills are all at the bottom of hero, phantom, and etoile's skill trees instead of at the top heh. all of the other trees could still use a little more restructuring, but pscrew has seemed to rarely ever uproot something old, and just make new things instead; it's been irritating me for a while tbqh.

@Cathy Photon Flare is not a noob trap, you NEED PF once you hit 85. Now, the trap that I can probably get from that is fully investing into ALL of the PF 1 and 2 trees, as you won't have enough points to invest into other more important skills. Unfortunately, I would love to live in a world where we could get near max or max out PF while being able to invest in all of the elements and other tech multis. However, they would definitely need to adjust the amount of points masteries take up. The fact that each element mastery is a total of 15 points is crazy, and yes, this goes for Techter side as well.

Yeah and its still a lot better than what Skill trees looked like before EP3.

Not gonna show them all but behold at Force and Techter: alt text

alt text

@Lynn-F that level 85 Skill only requires you to invest 1sp into Photon Flare, not 31.

@Cathy I never said that it needed 31 points at all in my statement. I said that the only trap I see from that IS investing that many points for PF. What you do need is at least 3 points for PF: 2 into PF for 1 into Afterburst. When combined with the eventual S4 for PF, your uptime oh PF will give you larger burst windows.

That's what makes it a Noob Trap though. A new player wont know that investing more SP into it will have diminishing returns.

@Cathy In that case, yes I agree it's a noob trap. Sorry I guess I must of read your statement wrong. But yeah, this is why I really hate how Force and Techter trees are setup. They could have a lot more point distribution into other things if they fix elemental masteries in their skill trees.

I have been a force player since the beginning, PSO & PSU. I recognize some of the names here for the past.

So I maxed out fire mastery and fire charge speed, and the fire techs go of decently fast, and felt ok mainly use the fireball one for single target/two targets near each other (main aoe was dark megid or something, and main boss attack skill was the basic light attack they gave you to start). How are ice and lightning as mains compared to fire?

@TofuBomb said in The Force Council:

So I maxed out fire mastery and fire charge speed, and the fire techs go of decently fast, and felt ok mainly use the fireball one for single target/two targets near each other (main aoe was dark megid or something, and main boss attack skill was the basic light attack they gave you to start). How are ice and lightning as mains compared to fire?

Lightning (Zonde) attacks are super effective against most all of the mechanized enemies. I use to main Zonde attacks in original PSO as the third tier (RaZonde) AoE attack was virtually inescapable by enemies within range. But I actually never got around to messing with the third tied lightning attack during the CBT. I did equip the 2nd tier lightning (GiZonde as it was called in PSO) technique during the final hours of the CBT and it seemed to work nicely enough, did have a learning curve to get it to hit multiple enemies in the same general direction though initially.

Ice (Barta) is mostly useful against the enemies in the volcanic caves areas from what I experienced thus far. Ice does also have the added benefit of having a chance to freeze a enemy in place, which can be very helpful when it works.

Can only vaguely recall one person I use to play original PSO with that mained using Ice techniques. Even in original PSO Ice was only really effective against select enemies until both the character and the techniques themselves were very high levels, at which point RaBarta was mostly used for the chance of the freezing effect activating on enemies and not so much for the damage it dealt. But here to in PSO2 I do suspect that could be a viable strategy that a player may wish to employ at some point that could prove very useful when in a team combat situation.

@TofuBomb Fire, especially in the later episodes, is the worst Element by far. Ice and Bolt have better techniques with better DPS/DPP (Damage Per PP), however, you should still max out Fire for Compound multipliers. (Even though Fomelgion is arguably the weakest compared to the other compounds).

You should take a gander at the list of techniques here, it also gives brief explanations on why you take the specific craft + what they are good for.

Edit: I want to make this clear, since I've kind of noticed it between here and when I was in the game. Force should NOT just main one element, and beginner Forces should be playing FoTe. FoTe is an incredibly strong combination that can take advantage of all elemental techniques.

What Lynn said. Even Wind Techs dont underperform as much since their CC abilities make them excell in DPS once more mobs are involved and the only Type-0 tech for fire became obsolete too since Il Zonde is a thing and Techter got Heavy hammer

@Cathy Ilzan is so great for lining up mobs. Safoie-T0 is fine for vertical upward movement, but yes, Ilzonde is better for travel since it passes through mobs and has a quicker animation startup.

@Lynn-F @Tweeg Thanks! I'll be experimenting with the others i guess then, and I'll be back once we find out what content release we will be at to ask for help for a skill build spec/order when that time comes.