PSO2 XBOX In-Game Volume Randomly Changing (Video included)

So, I've been having this issue for a long time now. Just have always kind of put up with it. It happens everywhere. Doesn't seem to be excluded to one area. Sometimes the audio gets louder/higher and sometimes the audio gets quieter/lower. I've tried searching google but not really finding much. Maybe I'm not using the right search terms. Surely I can't be the only one having these issues. So I thought i'd try posting here and see if anyone knew of any fixes.

Here is a link to the video I captured off of my XBOX One X.

I've trimmed the video clip to just focus on the audio issue. You'll notice the audio immediately gets noticeably louder just after beating the zombies.

Have it installed in the Internal HDD, if you have it placed in an external HDD/SSD. A fresh install/re-install might be better if you got the time for it. See if that works.

I had the same issue on my One X and it rarely pops up on my Series X when I switched. Though I had the game on an external SSD for both systems. Once after I placed the game internally on my Series X it seems to have disappeared.

@Anthro-Cheetah Oh wow. That is super interesting. I didn't realize HDD speed could affect audio.

I've only got my internal XBOX HDD. No external HDD connected. I tried reinstalling PSO2 this morning. Unfortunately after running around the lobby for a bit the issue occurred again.

I've looked through the settings and it doesn't look like XBOX has any sort of HDD clean up or optimization tools like the PS4 has so i guess theres not much i can do to try and speed things up any further HDD wise.

I've actually got a spare 500GB SATA3 SSD laying around. Looks like it's pretty easy to replace the HDD inside the One X. 500GB isn't much space though. 1TB SSD's are still expensive. Might as well buy a series X if i was going to buy one of those. Maybe I could install the 500GB SSD and buy an enclosure for the current 1TB drive and connect it with USB.

The HDD speed has to be the reason this is happening though, that's really the only thing that can be variable between consoles as everything else is the exact same spec wise. So this would explain why this issue is not happening to everyone. I guess i got unlucky with a defective HDD or something 😞

Thank for your insight and info! At least i know the reason now.

It's been happening to me off and on the last couple of months or so. Never before then. For me I think its only the suddenly going from lower to higher. A single Feb2020 Beta install updated/upgraded to current on an XBox One Elite (1TB Hybrid SSD). Up until now I thought maybe the audio processing components of my console were getting a little "tired" so to speak.

While I can't say definitely not. It seems very unlikely this issue would have nearly as much to do with Disk Drive Speeds (HDD/SSD/Hybrid/Etc.). And more to do with perhaps some kind of a "Regression Bug" on the game code's part. Additionally because also the games' audio presumably is coming from larger and fewer, if more than one per change point, files and is likely a nice long continuous data read. If disk speed were more the issue I would expect more audio stuttering/skipping etc.

In any case. I'm not trying to initiate a disk vs disk vs console debate. Namely that its been an issue for me as well every now and again. Maybe once every few days. Averaging 2-3hrs of playtime day.


o/ =^.^=

I guess i jumped to conclusions assuming this was just related to HDD/SSD speed since you said the issue improved for you when switching to series X, but i suppose there could be other components involved as well.

I just find it weird that hardly anyone is having this issue. I'd think if it was widespread there would be a lot of discussion about it on the internet.

Not the end of the world or anything, i've dealt with it already, i can keep dealing with it. It's just annoying when the volume shoots up out of nowhere.

Maybe one day the issue will magically be fixed for both of us. That would be wonderful 🙂