I need a new soaring blades what should i look out for

I have Dim Soaring Blades at +11i seen one called maliec at the exchange is it good or what mission to grind for a good weapon? To hold off for zig upgrades or do they also drop?

@MeandrousNine Currently Darkweave and Lightweave weapons are the goal, but to get there, I'd say any decently affixed 15 star weapons, and decently affixed 13 star units. You might try checking out the weapon collection folder for easy 15 stars, at least until you can get better ones to drop. The best way to tell which weapon is more potent, is seeing what their base damage is at start, and comparing it with the others. You also have to account for the added bonuses the affixes are on the weapons in question. I will say this, if you are rolling around in meseta, and the parts needed by Zig to make them, Trailblazer is something you can never go wrong with.