Wild Easter Urgent Quest GLOBAL 2021 thoughts

So what you think about the new UQ?

I don't want to be a party cracker but I think that, in deed it's fun, but if you take away the fun factor and look at the drops it's kinda lacking and worthless, I don't even get exited when is about to happend, I prefer to run Divide Quest or the Limited Time Quest than this... but thats just me, what do you think about guys?

Haven't seen a single good drop. People on my friend list tend to ignore the EQ as well.

same in my alliance, practicly no one like to run it, 'cause they don´t get anything useful from it

People do it for a chance at the cosmetics and very meh exp.

Its easy and fun, but needs better loot at the end, I would even settle for Easter medals and having Xia around to turn them into stuff or convert to RWBs.

The music is literally the best part of the quest. I was incredibly happy when I heard Samba de Amigo music upon entering the lobby, and I was even much happier once I heard E.G.G.M.A.N. upon entering the Easter UQ. Tho I do find the lack of Billy Hatcher music (a game where eggs are literally the core part of the game) rather disappointing.

The quest itself? Pretty forgettable tbh. It's a basic enemy gauntlet with no worthwhile drops other than Yamato Factor and the super rare weapon camos. Like anybody else, no one in my alliances really likes ro run it. Even I don't like it that much, other than just to break the monotony.

Compared to previous seasonal UQs, I'll put it above Virtual Planet and Festive Song, just for the music.

The weapon camos are the best thing you can get out of this as running Wild Easter for them is still infinitely better than going through the wasteland that is ultra exploration. Drop rates are still abysmal though and they didn't even add a camo version of the Egg Blasters to the Egg Rappies.

Yamato Factor and Izane crystals makes it consistent money at least.

Dont see much point doing this when Cradle exists and drops factor catalysts skipping the process and hassle of actually making the catalyst. Drops were kind of disappointing so pretty much nobody in my group runs it, myself included. But Cradle is loaded compared to the easter UQ so is not really fair.

Holy heck I didn’t think it was even possible to get so much garbage loot from UH. I got seven star trash from the appraisal, it cost me more meseta than it was worth!

The Eggman song was great and I liked how it reminded me of Station Square but I’m only doing this for the campaign and that’s it, the loot is just that bad.

It's ... OK- all they did was to put a bunch of assets from left over events and kinda just made a 'MISH-MASH" of this so-called "WILD EASTER EVENT" Come on now SEGA!!- It's bsically just - battle planet - yamato + Las Vegas Exploration all rolled into one! Dissapointing to say the least. Oh- and don't get me @#$%^^!!!! started how there was no BINGO event for easter!??? , andn even Spring for that matter? Well - I guess that this year there isn't going to be a summer beach event either, might as well add one more on the chalkboard of "THINGS THEY SHOULD OF DONE!" But when does Sega do anything that makes @#$%!!! Sense!? I bet jj dragon and gee whiz of the stars are laughing it up - " Look at them die!... LOOK AT THEM STRUGGLE!!!" :
Come on Devs- we were starting to think that just maybe "Y'ALL" ( like everyone says that now... x_x), were one of us, one of US - GAMERS! at this point the evidence shows otherwise.

Dead on arrival since UH Cradle/Drawn drops catalysts and are way better money. Give us more TPD instead, please.

It isn't worth running I think people just do it for the XP

@Sakesubaki This UQ is last year's JP Wild Easter.

Most people I see don't even run it for the affixes or the exp. Everyone does Cradle and Drawn triggers for that.