Klaus and other Units you create need more slots

The cost of Klaus units is insane. and farming the items needed takes forever so why the heck do they have so few slots on them? Why?

Few slots? Please explain

the number of affixed slots. it gets like 4.

everything that Zig makes has 4 augments also upsloting weapons and units is not difficult to do so what is the point of complaining about the quantity when you already did the most difficult part that is making the units.

because its difficult to make them? so why don't they have max slots?

all 13 units are difficult to do and Klauz is already a 13 star unit so you don't need to go for 2 upgrades like is with Rivalate, Trailblazer and Kibbs or the ridiculous list of materials from Ofze so the 4 augments is not an issue when you don't need to do the same route of the other units.

also like I said all that Zig makes has 4 augments so you probably didn't notice that Darkwave weapons are like that too.

Oh. Just upslot then. Put some average augments on and you're good to go.

@Ki-Rin Just upslot it, we are still in zero enhancement cost, brute force it to 8s

You can get to 7s easy with the affix success boosters from the Ex-cube shop.

With 50% booster alone or 45% booster + augment guidance on target item, 7s->8s is 100% success rate during this boost week. Take advantage of it while you can.

You should have some 50% boosters if you completed the story / got certain titles. 45% boosters are from story and mission pass.