Accidentally skipped account link

I accidentally skipped the account link and now I can not get into my account; I uninstalled and reinstalled the game but it just logged in as a new user again. What should I do?

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do except make a new account for the platform you want to link to your PSO2 account.

@AndrlCh said in Accidentally skipped account link:


what if i get rid of the files?

@RimfaStar The accounts for the game are not saved or handled on your PC in any way; your PSO2 account is directly tied to the storefront that you download and play from and thier account systems (ie. your MS account for Xbox/Windows Store, your Steam account for Steam, etc.). If you fail to link your account from the original platform you played on, then a fresh PSO2 account becomes permanently linked to the new platform account.

@AndrlCh le sigh alright thank you!!~<3

just to add up a little detail, the game creates local files in your machine but is only to fast access certain stuff like the server you created your characters, graphic configuration, UI size and box sizes that those info are not saved in the servers and when you delete those files the game will act like it was installed the first way however the moment you connect to a server the info related to the account will be downloaded.

You could always make another account on whatever platform you wanted to switch to and link it to that one, it's unfortunate you wouldn't use your main account, but that's just how it is if you mess up with this.