Trans-Am Burst update fail and crashes at 00.22%

Guys I'm not liking this new PSO2NA Updater (Trans-Am Burst) in cmd

I'm having a problem every time when I put it to update it crashes at 00.22% due an unhandled exception and it still tells me that I'm disconnected from Steam because of errors in the data It is how to fix it? Error.png

Is this PSO2 Tweaker? You're not gonna get PSO2 Tweaker support on this forum.

I am using rather the PSO2 Tweaker

The Tweaker isn't owned by Sega, so they can't really help. Anyway, all you can do with error code 22 is completely close Tweaker and download the trans-am from a link they provide in their Discord server. The zip file needs extracted into the same folder that has pso2_bin, not into the pso2_bin folder itself.

if you want info about Arks-Layer Tweaker go to their site or go to PSO2 subreddit, the kind of info you need over that problem can be found in these places.