When fireswirl releases please give us the 20th anniversary webpanel

https://www.bumped.org/psublog/pso2s-character-creator-evolves-with-the-graphics-engine-update/ (scroll down to "PSO 20th Anniversary"


That^ Web event: Goals with panels we unlock (that have rewards) by playing the quests (I think mop-up endless nightmare and Swirling inferno on the arks ship count for it).

I hope we're getting this. We STILL haven't had a single web event yet (jp had several since NA has been out). Even PSU NA had some web events which was a game that was handled extremely poorly for NA.

A example from PSU's Max attack G event: https://web.archive.org/web/20081217120355/http://phantasystaruniverse.jp/event/mag2008/en/

I even helped make a webevent on a PSO private server once (just mentioning that one cause I really hoped sega bothered to do this for us) 😛

JP just had this, there's no excuse.

I think a reason that we don't have these is that some of them are linked to PSO2es, which is the mobile game that we don't have. And, with Idola, it's not linked to PSO2 like it is on the JP side. So it'd be hard to to the mobile aspect of it when we can't connect said apps to PSO2 due to not having one and no functionality with the main game with the other.

Another reason might be that people may not want to interact with the website enough for there to be a web event. But, these are all just a shot in the dark, tbh

Though, it'd be nice to get more events that aren't locked down by needing to interact on Twitter or FB, too

@Irisundone The Web Panel events occurred even before PSO2es was released, and the only real impact that PSO2es has on them is that it gives you an extra way to add points to the total and that some of the panels are rewards for it; both of these things could easily be dealt with by just removing the PSO2es-specific prizes and reducing the points needed for each panel.

Honestly, if they don't release a version of the Web Panel event, it might just be that they don't have the in-house resources to implement and maintain the event considering how much outsourcing is done with the Global version in general.

We're definitely getting it, it's been mentioned on the website and in the game as a quest that benefits from the Quest Link Boost provided by the current LQ.


Most likely it'll arrive after the next maintenance.

@Miraglyth It's not a question of the Urgent Quest being added, but rather the Web Panel event that went along with it on the JP version.

For reference, Web Panel events are events where players collectively gather points (often from either collecting badges or running specific quests) to unlock prizes that get distributed at a later time (these prizes can range from camos to boost weeks), and the tracking of the points and unlocking of prizes which are hidden behind panels occur on a web page on the official site (hence the name Web Panel).

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It's not a question of the Urgent Quest being added

My bad; I misread "when fireswirl releases please" in the topic's title.

I'm not sure if this kind of event (which I'm familiar with from the previously-mentioned events like 1Up Platinum Cup) has ever been called a "web panel event" or "web event" in an English Phantasy Star release. Is that terminology that other western MMOs have adopted in the last ~10 years after Universe died? A quick Google isn't finding much for me besides PSO2 JP events.

The reason I'm bringing this up is as you mention our community team is outsourced, so the title and OP may need to be a bit clearer about what is meant by web panel event / web event so they can correctly understand what the request is.

Changed the title and added more to my post. Added the webpage for PSU's max attack G.

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Added the webpage for PSU's max attack G.

...and there's me in 293rd place!

I hated the kill ranking part of that event. It lasted four weeks and I was working half the country away from Monday to Friday for all of them with no PC or internet. I had to run that mission practically nonstop during the weekends to scrape in with 5.5% more kills than 500th place, and I'm beyond relieved we've never had to put up with crap like that in Online 2. Hopefully that aspect never returns.

Well, the main thing from the web panel is the boost week/0 zero cost and recycle shop discounts. Don't global been getting boost week all the time without having to put work in it?

The current web panel points was for collecting weapon badges 2021, while the LQ does give weapon badges, but even on UH it is relatively small amount. Most of it came from Fire Swirl, and it was basically UQ only. The one before was ARKS Autumn Function 2020, had to gather points from Trick or Treat 2020 or T: Trick or Treat 2020, and the only other way to earn points were the 2 Risk Realm (Worlds Beyond) Extreme Quests. The one before that was the 8th anniversary ARKS Connect Memories - spamming LQ for anniversary badges. JP had to participate in these to get boost weeks.

Also, global constantly have alot more campaigns always on-going - so it is just a trade off, while JP have these bigger web panel events, global have more constant ones like https://pso2.com/news/announcements/campaignsmar2020p2 ... yea... Riv keys and Powerstones and always throwing triggers out at global. 2 weeks of enhance boost rather than 1.

Indeed there were also badge gathering rankings with rewards for the current web panel, it was just a single day badge gathering competition - 1 for the first half of march and 1 for the second half.

I'm sure we're getting a new type of badge when Xia shows up for fireswirl (which is probably why there's no easter xia, though I don't understand the lack of bing? Maybe tied to Xia). Similar to the 4th of July badges (did we have thanksgiving badges? I forget).

I just don't want NA to get a watered down event that JP JUST got a couple weeks ago. They have no excuse. JP get's useful campaigns just as we do. We keep having random things missing from our version which I'm tired of seeing. There's event a webpanel option in our menu under events.

More people should reply to topics about stuff that's missing/potentially missing. 😧

Wow, not only did we not get the webpanel. I don't see Xia either. This is actually worse than expected.

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Wow, not only did we not get the webpanel. I don't see Xia either. This is actually worse than expected.

Yeah it sounds like this has single-handedly caused a huge gap in Global, both for cosmetics and handout gear (I'm hearing about exchange weapons called Rinser and Fluxio?).

This is really quite weird. What happened to catching up? We were closer to JP like 3-4 maintenances ago but since then we've fallen behind again thanks to stuff like this.

Like.... gosh. Sega. You can't release a event on JP and give us a watered down version a couple weeks later and expect us to not be upset. We can all agree I have a right to be upset about this right?

That's it, instead of PLAYING pso2 today, I'm typing a massive rant.

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I'm hearing about exchange weapons called Rinser and Fluxio?

You know how the current LQ can drop Rinser weapons and also drops a decent amount of weapon badges? In jp you could trade in the bages for these weapons after they removed the LQ so that people who had bad luck with the RNG or just wanted another copy for the Aether Factor SAF (which is a rather important one) can get one from the exchanges. Not surprised that we didn't have this exchange yet but the prospect of them not adding these weapons to the RWB5 shop is rather worrying given globals track record of not updating / adding key exchanges.

"Fluxio" on the other hand are challenge mode 3 reward weapons which is content that has yet to be released.

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You know how the current LQ can drop Rinser weapons

Honestly, no. 😅 My main classes are largely potential-locked in to Serpent Prenzer, Rykros Staff and Rivalate Harmonizer so I've been looking at other progression and campaigns lately. That one's on me, I know.

Doing a bit of research, it seems Rinser and Fluxio are basically the same weapons with the same second name, like Croesus and Millionaire but with the same equip requirement, and that one or two Fluxio are also given out by title rewards and can be freely switched to other weapon types (excluding harmonizers).

Back to the topic for a moment, the thought occurs to me; has Global ever used the words "20th Anniversary" anywhere?