Is affixing even worth it?

@Charus You main both class ? lol

@Teasa No I play both regulary, Phantom though is what I take for TPD

@Charus What's your budget because it easy to affix on Weapon since we have SAF.

@Teasa 14 mill meseta, I'm not that rich...


It my old Katana, I'm currently Using a Klauz Katana.


  • S4 : Precise Balance : 720k
  • S5 : Counter Blade : From Rivalate Katana SAF at Lv.35 or Klauz Katana SAF at Lv.35.
  • Astral Soul from Union or Ray Lv.35 SAF
  • Mana Reverie : From Fodder (4x Reverie Catalyst + 1xOmega Memoria)
  • Graceful Might : From Capsule (3m in the Shop)
  • Might VI : From Dim Melee Weapon Lv.35 SAF
  • Varuna Glare : Fodder with Varuna (Dim has them.)
  • Phrase Decay from any Basilisk Lv.35

From the simulator and the fodder :

  • I had to replace Mana Reverie by Persona Reverie to make it more easier.
  • I think you can replace Varuna Glare by Origin Glare (You need only 1 fodder of Origin Glare.)



  • The fodders has to be 8s

The Katana was made for my Braver and Phrase Decay was made for a MPA situation. (MPA = Multi-party).

@Teasa What are your unit affixes?


I had something like this but it was mainly made for Bow Braver.

2x Units of [Back & Arms]

165 PWR (Without TA "Timed Abilities") 20 PP

& Legs

~100 PWR & 26PP



I'm currently making a Guardian Soul units. (Not done yet missing Grand Precision.) and this is my current Units.




Peoples have different Affix depending their budgets and their preferences.

It not a good exemples since it was made for Bow & my gameplay.

@Charus Hey I'm newbie in affixing too we have the same mindset when I was new and got frustrated due to failures.. I ask in pso2 discord from other players.. and I learned. I posted here before and this one helps.

All I can summarize is 2-3x of same augment will increase rate of success + plus add augment % capsule to increase even more, ( ) <~ this link to help you what augment to mix for increase success rate. Then follow the pic I provided below.. the "fodders" refers to extra item (weapon or units) putting all augment there before transferring it to your main equips. So in short Augment 1st in extra trash item (weap/unit) then use transfer pass and put it all to your main equip. +35 some weapons like with names Union(Gives Astral Soul) for 100% augment no fail. Worry the other method for later do the basics.


@Charus You can also affix without a cost OR at least 2m only for (graceful might/precision capsule) Get weapons from collection folder beside coffie npc. Then click the item you want and check the "Augment Factor" <~ because this one gives 100% affix to your equip if you +35 it . Or check your inventory if you have many weapons/units check their "Augment Factor" that is one of the easiest way to augment without spending a single cent. Use the augments you get from UQ drops.

Weapons with: "Basilisk" affix name = Phrase Decay augment "Union" = Astral Soul augment "Ceres" = Doom Break II ? not sure "Dim" = Might 4/5 ??

And many more.. but in order to put that you have to affix any augment you want.. because everytime you affix.. an option will pop up if you want to put this Augment Factor. So you do it 1 by one to put it all.


It better you recommend to use Transfert Pass if it an expensive affix like.

For exemple "Weapon for Klauz series" :

  • Guardian Soul
  • Divine Order
  • Phrase Decay

@Teasa wait wut Guardian Soul ? XD I get what you saying.. so you won't waste transfer passes right? but most of us like who can only affix decent augments can't reach making Guardian Soul. Because you need finish product of those and it cost so much. So for me using transfer passes to decent augments (poor players who can afford a little like me xD ) is enough just to put all of augs they want in fastest and safest way possible.

Be sure you do Cradle of Darkness and Drawn to Darkness on UH UQ's. They will help you get the affix fodder to make those affixes.

Just wanted to chime in, you don't need to spend a single dime only time to RNG-win as a F2P. Spam what Zeke said above: Cradle of Darkness and Drawn to Darkness on UH UQ's /Triggers. They drop all affix fodder for Guardian Soul basically 😄 I PERSONALLY, mostly play for the enjoyment of fashion and taking screenshots; so decide yourself and don't let the difficult goals scare or demotivate you!!

It's honestly pretty easy to get units near the 175-200 pwr range with augment factors and the +50 pwr augment capsules so I recommend going for that if you don't want to do too much work, just some upslotting and affixing augment factors. You can also put some S-Grade Augments on too beforehand if you want to make the equips even better.

Weapons can be more annoying and take more time because you have to get them to +35 (unlike units that can be upgraded to +10 for their augment factors with just grinders and no duplicates) for their augment factors. But like S grade augments, unless you're upslotting while affixing them, augment factors have a 100% success rate for some decent augments.

I find making perfect affixes to be too much effort, but you could get away with this for the most part. Just don't settle for having only +50 or +60 pwr total from augments.

Unit SAFs makes things much easier now. Sentence precision from Schvelle, DB II from avion dusk, precision V from novel, to give some examples. It's nothing special compared to the god units I see people with, but it's a good alternative and you should try it especially with the boost week.