Is affixing even worth it?

what was the camo?

@Ki-Rin Blimey, can't remember the name of the camo, it dropped from recent content. Didn't bother doing much more after seeing how much it sold for. Just stuck it up there and did it. I wanna say it came from one of the Limited Quests, but there has been a lot of new content lately. I think it was either the Limited Space Magatsu event or the one that just ended.

lucky so and so!

I already have ran so many UQ, I have no single Unit with good affixes in them.

Btw, can the Mop-Up Endless Nightmare drop good Augments for units?

@Charus said in Is affixing even worth it?:

Btw, can the Mop-Up Endless Nightmare drop good Augments for units?

I do not believe it drops good units at all. It can drop a glare (which is like, 100k-200k on ship 1 with +4 slots), but not anything major it seems. However, it does drop a new weapon which is a clone of the Fluxio weapon recently released in JP with the CM update (except it's black.)


Run more of Cadle & Drawn to Darkness quest, lock items with Catalyst, Soul of Darkness (Only Units), Photoner Glare, Omega Memoria & Crack 1 (Crack if you want to affix them to Crack V).



  • Result of my farm & turning those Catalyst fodders into Mana Reverie, Astral Soul, Aether Factor with Doombreak 3 or Crack IV and selling Catalyst fodders from Weapon.