NA Players shafted out of Ragol Memories

What the title says.

One month ago on the jp version of the game they also held the PSO 20th annniversary event, but the difference being that they also had an event exclusive shop and an login bonus with ragol memories, which are required for all the PSO cosmetics at the badge shop. Here are two links for reference:

So while on the jp version players could get ONEHUNDRED ragol memories in the event, NA players can't even get a single one in this version. The only way to get ragol memories right now at the NA version is by buying the 34,99$ tails collaboration pack and even there you're only getting measly five ones, barely enough for anything.

Overall I'm very disappointed but not surprised, and I'm not that naive to think that they "just forgot" or "overlooked" to put ragol memories into the event, I rather think they're just artificially limiting these items as much as possible too coerce people into spending money. You can buy 10 of them here, I don't mind them giving out Ragol memories on JP as long as they give us the Zero memories for free! I also just bought some Ragol Memories so I don't want them to invalidate my purchase THAT quick

@hee-ho said in NA Players shafted out of Ragol Memories: You can buy 10 of them here

Well, shit, never saw that one, guess I look pretty stupid now.

How about that 100 usd body pillow set JP got for free through event?

I might buy it tho... but I don't know what I would do with myself.

Still thinking we may get the rest of the 20th Anniversary event next maintenance alongside Swirling Inferno Fire Swirl. It would be really quite disappointing if this portion of it was all we got.

Not 1:1 related but we are also getting a bit shafted in the UH Cradle update, I know its ridiculous for drops already but in Japan they also get Buster, Divide, 2021 Medals from that place. We don't.

@Vashzaron you forgot gold prize medals👍

Buster Medals for Cradle UH? Wow. I want that.

Why don’t we get any of that? I want buster medals, too.

There's also the cobalt medals - but global don't have that.

Is there a reason why we can't have any of that?

The best reason is probably that they don't want to bother separating the changes "yet" or ever. From what I saw, the jp event includes plenty of stuff we never had, or only had for a short period of time due to the global version not being around for so long. If we'd get free 100 memories now, global could potentially upset previous buyers, whereas the jp version had years of that. I know, it sucks, and I personally would also rather have a version that is on par with the jp version, but with these things there are other factors playing along, and I assume it's that, which is blocking us from getting a similar event to the jp version at this point