Question regarding SG scratch freebies.

So we got a free SG ticket to choose a prize from the SG scratch pools from Fallen Heroes, and Versus Annhilation, but did we get one for Astral Guardians yet? I don't recall any campaigns or events that gave an episode 5 ticket yet.

No, not for Astral Guardians and not for Fallen Heroes, either. We don’t know if we will even get one for Astral.

We did get one for Annihilation and for Mother, though.

Milk is correct; we got a Mother's D Ticket for getting at least B rank in15 Buster Quests in early October, and a Versus A Ticket for clearing any 7 Recommended Quests in the anniversary event.

Despite requests we ultimately never got a Fallen H Ticket, so the fact we've skipped ahead to Versus Annihilation for the second ticket indicates we probably won't be getting an Astral G Ticket in the remaining 7 weeks and 5 days before Astral Guardians ends.