Help with affixing

I'm in the process of making my rivalate rod, and I have a question about putting S4: photon v adaption, and s5: skillful adept will on it. Since both of those are special ability factors, do I need to put them on weapons that can hold them as sgas before doing an s grade augment swap, or can I just swap them on there without doing that.

@Sept Your first hunch is correct - you'll need to re-affix a +35 Atlas Ex Partisan and a +35 Rivalate Gunblade to attach the S4 and S5 to them. Then you'll use the transfer SGA option to move them to your Rivalate Wand.

@Sept Adding a bit to the comments of Rang-Dipkin. To get S4: Photon V Adaptation, Atlas partisan is enough, you don't need to upgrade it to Atlas EX.

For S5: Skillful Adept Will, you also have an option to use weapon category change. First add Skillful Adept Will to a Rivalate gunblade, then change its weapon category to rod. It seems you already have a Rivalate rod, in that case this means you change it to Rivalate gunblade to get Skillful Adept Will and then switch it back to Rivalate rod. Maybe not very effective.

And a final point. Switching weapon categories initializes weapon potential. So should you already have the Liberated Fang Redux potential on your weapon, changing category reverts the potential back to the normal Liberated Fang. In this case, weapon category change is better to be avoided.