Guides and Help Mega-Thread

This thread aims to help reduce pin clutter by offering a centralized location for a list of guides and topics that have been answered by users with appropriate responses to said help topics and questions. This list may be updated at any time, so please consider coming back to this thread at any point in the future.

Read this thread if you want to make a suggestion to the game.

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Guides are helpful topics made by users that provide information about certain functions and mechanics of the game. Such as how to grind gear.

User-Answered Questions/Help

Topics in this list are user-created topics that ask a question, and have been appropriately answered by a user or Game Master (GM) with the correct answer. Answers may be several replies down, or on another page within the linked topic.

Other Mega-Threads

This is a collection of other mega-threads to discuss their appropriate topics. This can help reduce the amount of threads the forum has for a particular topic.

For GMs/etc. who wish to alter this in the future. Links are formatted:

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Usernames with spaces can be mentioned/tagged by replacing the space with a Dash. Such as GM-Rappie. For all other users, you can nominate a thread / post below in the replies list.

Thanks for this.

Based thread

This is a good idea, stickies are amazing, but it filled up the first page of threads!

@Rantious said in Guides and Help Mega-Thread:

Based thread

It's hard to be not biased when there aren't many users who have made guides. As of this thread's posting. You can always nominate more guides in the replies here. Or make more guides.

Awesome thread! I was looking for guides on weapon grinding and Mag raising. Very convenient to have this pinned. 😃

What are the requirements for expert matching? I cleared Heaven and Hell, and Phanatical Phantoms is not a thing yet in NA. Anyone know?

Super useful to have the posts pinned! Thanks 😄