Trying to get Fodrus Glare

So, I found something interesting on the Extreme Quest: Risk Realm

I do the solo version but I believe this also works on the 4man as well, on the Visiphone website there are enemies and enhanced enemies and I had no idea how to get consistent Fodrus mobs as an enemy.

Then I went to the JP wiki and they are translated as [Success] and [Fail] so I tested succeeding or failing requirements on every stage, and depending on what you do the enemy might change or become easier.

Basically what I ended up doing is just failing everything except the 2nd stage requirement, so I get a Fodrus on the 3rd stage. Every other stage is not needed unless you want more drops.

I believe the Ultimate Quest might have a better drop chance, but at least this is another way to consistently fight that boss.

Good luck guys~ 😄

While this does work in specific missions, if you’re after certain drops, the 4 man ep6 Trigger was a great example of this. 3 members would intentionally die against shiva/Varuna and return to the gateship, which would exclude those drops from the drop pool for those players, and would greatly increase how much Crack you could get 3-5 a run. This only applies when the drop pool is shared in the same crystal. Each boss in Risk Realm has its own crystal, so failing against one boss won’t change the drop pool for another boss in this way.