Emergency maintainance?

I cant log back into the game, tried to switch characters, says all servers down for maintainance, 6:02PM EST currently

Ok even the launcher wont start "Failed to download latest version" WTF sega it behooves you to announce this kinda stuff in a public place so we know whats going on.

did you also get an error 230?

@lI-M-i-t-s-u-Il Error 120007 I think? dont recall a 230.

Is window up to date? try turning off firewall for pso2. If nothing else works I guess you go to this site to fix your issues https://rglx.me/?page=pso2-troubleshooting

Nothing has changed on my end... not my side.

Try open up control panel > network and internet > network and sharing center, click on your connection type. In the new window click on properties, then uncheck the box next to "IPv6". If this doesn't work I guess I can't help you, srry.

There's currently a known issue. They announced it on Twitter but haven't posted anything on the main site.

EDIT: Seems it was resolved. I'm able to login now.