System sending thing in chat during Elder UQ and in Limited time quest

In system I keep getting this in it every time I do an urgent quest the purchased item will be reflected 24 hours after the initial purchase When I haven't bought anything with real money all I use is SG that I earn in the game so someone please tell me what is going on

Its only happening when I did the Elder urgent quest that was up a few hours ago and when I go to do the limited time quest everywhere else it doesn't show up. I tested during Wild Easter and it didn't show up so could this be a bug?

The system chat tells you what it says at the top of the screen during screen transitions that I know of. It might have just had thaat at the top of the loading screen that time as a reminder. It doesn't matter what you do or anything for what it gives info about on the loading screens.

the message of the shop is an bug I'm also getting it all the time even through SG purchase are not counted there.

Okay good to know its not just me cause the only thing I bought was from the SG shop was a gold pass to get the things from the mission pass

I'm also getting this constantly, seemingly whenever I switch blocks.


It also appears in the text popups at the bottom of the screen (with all the drop notifications/etc).

I haven't purchased a single thing since October, and confirmed that in my purchase history (so it wasn't some hacker using my account or something). I've also never bought SG.

Edit: Also, just to make sure, I checked my Steam purchase history and my MS account's purchase history. Neither one has any recent purchases (MS not since last June, most recent Steam purchase was Valheim a few weeks ago, but obviously unrelated), so hopefully this isn't anything malicious and is just a weird game bug.

Is this still happening for you all? I thought it would be fixed with Wednesday's maintenance, but it's still happening to me every time I zone.

Yeah, I was waiting a bit to comment on it, but I'm still getting it. I feel a bit better about it that it's continued for a week now, vs being a 1-day thing, because if it went away I'd have to be worried somehow a purchase was actually made against my account.

Figure I'll mention it: Still getting this message after maintenance. However, it seems to only affect the Steam version, because when using the MS Store version (for the campaigns), then I don't get the message.

Same stupid message. Steam version. Never purchased a single thing.

@topazkat Can you rename the topic into " Message bug: The purchased item will be reflected 24 hours after the initial purchase"?