Question about Bouncer/Hunter Attacks

When I play Bouncer/Hunter using the Soaring Blades, I constantly chain Disperser Shrike and the Weapon Action together. But when I start the combo, Disperser Shrike does 10% less damage on it's initial use than it does all of the following times I use it in the same combo. Is this a bug and is there something I can do to fix this? (I just tested Bouncer/Etoile as well and this does not happen on that class setup.)

What level is your Perfect Fury Bonus? If it isn't at 10SP then you won't get the full multiplier on the first attack, which could explain the difference you are seeing.

@AndrlCh I checked and everything for Fury Stance is maxed out. Critical Fury, Perfect Fury Bonus, Fury Stance Up 1 and 2; all of them are maxed out.

Perfect Fury Bonus is called Fury Combo Up on JP - it boost damage when you combo, meaning the initial hit isn't boosted as you aren't in combo yet.

@HarmlessSyan I always assumed that First Arts made it so that the first hit would still count for the Just/Perfect Attack combo.

@AndrlCh That's what I assumed as well. I hear the sound effect for a Perfect Attack when I start the combo but the initial attack still does less damage than the rest of the combo for some reason.