Weapon Camo Bug: Plasma Hands

When using Plasma Hands,, it fails to show for any other player in the lobby except yourself. To other players, it seems to just show like you have no weapon at all, or a stealth camo. Proof below:

(what wired lance looks like to other players) be491f6b-24bc-4d69-8040-3d6afcd73a6e-image.png

(what its SUPPOSED to look like) f22c85e1-06cc-49ee-b2fa-5ec9c424fd4e-image.png


I'm having this same problem, this is really disappointing.

Was testing this out with a friend last night and they were able to see it in emotes without issue, can anyone else confirm this may have been hotfixed?

Bumping because this still hasn't been fixed (or acknowledged even by the dev team) -_-