Missing episode 6 title for 40 Aug passes.

Anyone have a clue why I can't get the 10th title for episode 6? I've completed every substoey and quest on hardcore with and S and have all rhe previous chapter titles too.


need all phalegs titles as well, 1 for each class, and 1 s rank.

@someone-1 you don't need to beat phaleg with each class, a friend has it and he's only done it with Hu.

Is it Guardian Advancing History you're missing?

Once you get the last title, you needd to talk to the title counter twice.

The only thing you could be missing is something in Ep4 otherwise.


Further confirmation that you don't need to beat Phaleg on all classes. I didn't check whether I got Guardian Advancing History until after I S-Ranked her on Ph, though; so I don't know if you need to S Rank her once or just beat her at any rank once. I am 100% sure you at least need to beat her, because I saved her for last and did not have the title until afterwards.