Mothership Shiva disconnect after wining/pose screen.

I started having this problem about a week ago, the new UQ Mothership Shiva soon after the battle and on the winning/pose screen the game will disconnect before I or someone else hits the crystal to get the loot from that fight, it will disconnect and I would be able to log right back in less than a second with me unable to rejoin the group I was in, nor starting a new UQ cause it's been grayed out. This has been happening randomly at first but now every Mothership Shiva UQ, other UQ's I run don't have this problem, not sure what else to do I heard others are having this issue and wonder if there is a fix I can do to address this.

This has been happening to my brother as well. From what we have found out your best bet is to not skip any of the cut scenes, both at the start and end of the mission. Not skipping the cut scenes helps a bit, but it still seems like a crap shoot. It would be nice if Sega would address this, and/or admit that there is even a problem. Every time that people get disconnected before the boss crystal is 8-9 darkstones lost and waste of a half hour. It’s really discouraging considering the amount of darkstones needed for the units and weapons.

Thanks for the reply, I was thinking that skipping the cut scene would keep it from happening, at any rate if I let the cut scene play thru someone else will hit the crystal and I will hopefully still get loot after the scene or another d/ced.