Locations in the ARKS Ship, how could they join together?

I was thinking about the various places in the ARKS Ship (Casino, Shopping Plaza, Franca's Cafe, etc) and thinking: where could they be located on the ship in its entirety?

We have a photo of the ARKS Ship here, and it makes sense for the Shopping Plaza (and maybe the city?) to be in the center dome and the Bridge to be at the front but what about the other facilities and areas? Of course this also includes places like the meeting room and training areas.

alt text

Let me know what you think 😄

I have been figuring out the locations of the different areas on the ship.

  • The bridge is the front tower
  • The shopping are, cafe, casino, and default PQ are all in the city dome just in different sections
  • The gateroom is on the bottom (you can see the rings on the other ships from the bridge)
  • The AQ is on the back of the ship (only seen in game, the anime versions of the ships only have 1 main thruster the in-game versions have 2)
  • As for the training areas, they seem to be on a planet somewhere (This includes the battle arena, challenge miles, and VR training)

I came to these conclusions by looking out any windows, or over balconies to spot reference points.

@lunartear Simple: It all works with space magic called "photons/science".